The Good, The Bad and The Bologna

Living with a host family in Costa Rica means you don’t have to cook your own meals. Those are included in the package, a long with a private bedroom and cold shower. Although I like cooking, it sounded good not to HAVE to make dinner every night. Nor breakfast nor lunch. And the truth is, sometimes it is good. And then sometimes there’s fried bologna.

Ross and I are pretty health-conscious and that is usually reflected in our diets. Here though, we don’t have the flexibility due to financial restraints and familial obligations (I mean if she cooks it for us we really should eat it). While I am also happy when there is a source of protein included in a meal (to help offset the 5 Lbs of white rice I eat daily) I’m not quite sure where to draw the line. I was a vegetarian for awhile, and a very picky meat eater after that (only organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free) and now I am eating fried bologna? I cut it up in teeny tiny pieces and try to hide in underneath my rice and beans, but it’s still there.

In addition to all the fried stuff I’ve started eating, I have seriously cut back on the fruit and veggies in my diet. We try to supplement this with our meager monthly stipend, but it could never compare to what we were eating at home. I actually had an issue with my hair falling out, like way too much hair falling out, on a daily basis. Luckily Ross’ wonderful Mom brought me a year supply of vitamins during her visit to help negate this.

Aside from the hair loss, It does make me wonder what overall toll this may be taking on us. Although we have kept up with the exercise, I’m starting to feel tired all the time and having weird health issues (headaches, ear infections, insomnia) maybe I’m still dealing with that bus travel hangover from a week ago? Maybe it’s too much exercise? This is a normal week:

Sunday- 4-8 mile run
Monday- Run 2 miles, 1 hour lifting at the gym
Tuesday- Run 2 miles, 30 minutes on bike, lifting at the gym
Wednesday-Run 1 mile, 1 hour lifting at the gym
Thursday- OFF or yoga
Friday- Run 2 miles, 30 minutes sprints on bike, lifting at the gym
Saturday- Run 2 miles, 1 hour lifting at the gym

I seriously doubt the answer is less exercise and more bologna.
I know this is a very unique situation to be in, but if anyone has any advice or opinions on this I’d love to hear them!

Okay time for breakfast, which I kid you not, is fried plantains. At least it was at one time a fruit.


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  1. Besides the bologna, eating all that fried food cannot be good for you. Maybe you should request of your host family that you share in the cooking: that you would like to introduce them to some of your meals as they have introduced you to theirs.

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