Saturday in San Jose!

I am so happy to be in San Jose with all of our friends today! We have a lot planned: Pancake breakfast, shopping, (like one can only do in San Jose) haircuts, Harry Potter, and then the big despidida (farewell party) for our field director, who is moving to BOSTON after 3 years in Costa Rica. I’m sad she’s leaving us, but if she had to go anywhere, Boston is a good place to be. She has put together quite an evening for the group:

Roller Skating at a rollar rink in San Pedro

Drinks and food at Mas Tkila

Dancing at El Pueblo!!!

I hope I have the stamina! I’m feeling pretty great this morning, despite all the delicious FREE beer from last night. The Costa Rica Craft Brewery is A-Mazing and we left with a case of the best beer I’ve had in a very, very long time. Full blog post to come on the brewery later, but here’s a sneak preview:

Getting learned in all things beer

And getting happy 🙂

Off to eat those pancakes and start this busy day in San Jose.



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