Despite some of the trouble in San Jose Saturday we all had a great night.

What are the odds that some girl was wearing the same shirt as me:

Haha, that girl is my friend Hayden, and we totally bought those loud, bright shirts together earlier in the day and intentionally wore them out together. We looked ridiculous and probably had way too much fun with it, but whatever. I don’t get out much.

First, we roller skated. For some reason (age?) roller skating in a rink like this is extremely frightening for me and some other friends.

And then some other people just loved it

Ross and I surprised Cara with an manual for living in Boston. Judging from her facial expression, I think she kind of liked it. I am really going to miss her!

After skating, we headed to Mas Tkila for drinks. I ended up with a margarita bigger than my head:

Which would later be paired with a slice of pizza bigger than my entire body.

Nothing is better than dancing your face off at 1 AM after eating your weight in pizza.

(I have no idea how Ross could even lift me up at this point)

Back to reality today. No classes, but I do have to make exams for all my students this week. What are your Monday plans?


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