“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Benjamin Franklin

As promised, here is a blog post devoted entirely to the Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company ie the best brewery in Costa Rica. After finding their artisanal beers in a restaurant in Manuel Antonio a few months back, Ross and I have been really wanting to visit the brewery in Cartago and we convinced about 13 other friends to come with us this past Friday!

They only do tours Wednesday-Friday between 4-6pm. I believe you can go there at any time during normal business hours to purchase the beer, but if you can make it I definitely recommend the tour. It’s a teeny tiny brewery, so the tour itself only takes about 5-10 minutes, but we stayed about 2 hours for the good conversation and great free beer. Despite the fact that there were about 15 of us in total, they gave us a ton of free samples of all 4 of the beers they had on tap that day.

The two beers they always have are the Libertas (Golden Ale) and Segua (Red Ale). The Segua is by far my favorite due to all the hops, which is an ingredient lacking in all other Costa Rican beers. Hoppy=Happy 🙂 Bottles of these two are sold in a few bars/restaurants around Costa Rica. You can find a list on their website.

We also tried an American Style Wheat ale, and a dark Porter. Both were delicious. Apparently the very talented Brewmaster here can make any kind of beer you like if you can just describe the flavors to him. All in all it was a very informative, delicious, fun experience. In addition to the free samples, we all went in on a few cases of beer together (28,000 CRC for 24 beers),it was worth the cost AND having to lug cases of beer in cardboard boxes around on buses from Cartago back to San Jose.

The Brew Master!

It’s pretty easy to find the place coming from San Jose, we took a bus to Cartago and a taxi from the bus stop to the brewery (about 3,000 CRC). There is a bus that stops right in front of the brewery though (for only 250 CRC) and we took that back to Cartago.

I definitely recommend coming here if you are a beer connoisseur living in or visiting this great country. In fact, I’ll come with you, I’m down for a hoppy beer anytime 🙂


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  1. hello meg..!!
    thanks for the blog and your experience in our brewhaus. We are very proud and truly grateful to you and all the beer enthusiasts out there for your support and personal care we are getting…our passion is driven by your words and pictures…it says it all!


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