The Spotted Rooster

Gallo Pinto (which translates to Spotted Rooster) is a staple of the Costa Rican diet. In fact, Gallo Pinto is pretty much synonymous with breakfast (or desayuno) in this country. It is basically another name for rice and beans, I guess eating rice and beans for 3 meals a day sounds boring, so they reserve the rice and beans for lunch and dinner and call breakfast Gallo Pinto. A rose by any other name….

Despite the rice and beans overload, I have become attached to my morning Gallo Pinto, and I have just started helping out more in the kitchen so I can learn all the Tico secrets and make amazing Costa Rican meals for my friends and family when I get back to Boston.

My Host Mom’s Gallo Pinto recipe is as follows:

White Rice (made in a rice cooker 1 day before)
Black Beans (from the slow cooker, with plenty of juice)
1/4c Red Pepper chopped
1/4 Yellow Onion Chopped
Cilantro* and Lizano Sauce* to taste

*My host mom doesn’t always use these two ingredients, and she doesn’t like Lizano Sauce but in most recipes you will find these two things.

Throw in the Veggies on a pan with some oil and saute, a few minutes later add the rice and then the beans. Stir over heat until it’s a little crispy but not too dry! Add cilantro and Lizano if you want (and I do recommend it) and Voila! You have Gallo Pinto. Add an egg, tortillas, sour cream, fried plantains, coffee and you have a quality Tico breakfast. Hey, it beats cornflakes!

My Pinto

Ross needs some practice with those eggs though:

And while we’re slaving away in the kitchen, guess who’s sleeping in?


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