Check another thing off that bucket list

The weekend in Guanacaste was incredible! It turns out our friend Annia lives on a farm, and we certainly got a great taste of finca life this past weekend:

We woke up early to milk cows! I have always wanted to do this!

mmm leche fresca. We heated this up and drank some with our morning coffee. Delicious!

We rode horses. I used to take lessons, but it was Ross’ first time!

In addition to all this we also played with a large rabbit, an even larger goose, several dogs, newborn kittens, visited with some pigs and chickens, attended a big birthday fiesta, went salsa dancing and tequila drinking, spoke montons de espanol, went fishing in the gulf of Nicoya and met about 100 new people. Wow.

Teaching has been a real struggle for me this week. I’m pretty sure all of my students are ready for the end of the year and their school vacations, and I think I am too, but that is still 3 months away. I’m currently trying to brainstorm ideas how I can effectively teach them the rest of the Science curriculum without completely boring them and without having them drive me completely bonkers. 3 months, sounds so long and so short at the same time to me right now!

What I REALLY need is a good yoga class. Since there aren’t any of those in La Fortuna 😦 I’ll settle for a run. I’ve found that nothing helps put things into perspective like a good sweat session.

Too many people confine their exercise to jumping to conclusions, running off at the mouth, stretching the truth, bending over backwards, lying down on the job, side stepping responsibility, swimming against the current and pushing their luck.


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