The Heart of the Matter

Yesterday was Children’s Day, a national holiday in Costa Rica. We celebrated in our school with an acto civico, karaoke, booty dancing (my 3rd graders put Beyonce to shame), candy, hotdogs, soda, ice cream, soccer, manicure and face painting stations and just a whole lot of FUN.

I am so glad we were able to spend a day just enjoying the kids, because sometimes in the day to day stresses of teaching and living in another country, that gets lost. It was a great reminder to me that it really is all about them after all. They are the reason we are here, away from our friends and family and jobs and homes. And I really couldn’t think of any better reason:

Reishell 1st Grade

Stefanie showing off her manicure

Jeremy in disguise

mmmmm ice cream!

Not to be like one of those TV commercials showing you pictures of cute kids and asking you for money, but if you were contemplating doing something charitable this season and had the time and resources, school supplies here are greatly needed! It really is amazing what limited resources schools here are able to function with. Many families in our town are very low-income to begin with, and the lack of tourism (partly due to the American economy) is hitting this area and our kids particularly hard.

I would NOT recommend sending money at all, the mail system here isn’t that secure. But pencils, pens, regular books, coloring books, text books, markers, stickers (stickers are so expensive here), notebooks, glue, clay, crayons, etc. The kids would even go nuts over a letter or a picture or a post card from the States, it really doesn’t take much to make them happy.

If you are in a super generous mood you can send supplies to:

Ross Donovan and Megan Peterson, Maestros de Ingles
Costado al Oeste de la Escuela Z-13
La Fortuna, Costa Rica

The mail here can take forever, like months, BUT I’ve heard it really speeds things up if you send a manilla envelope instead of a box and if you write “Materiales para la Escuela” in big letters on said envelope.

That’s it for the Costa Rican update today. I hope you are all having a wonderful, peaceful and fun weekend so far! The USA will definitely be in my heart and on my mind tomorrow even more than usual during the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. Megan- reading this made me really really miss you!!!!! I am so glad that you ate doing well. Things here are good. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Email me a list of what school supplies you need most. Hugs! M

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