Rain Delay

Our semi-weekly Sunday morning run was delayed this morning due to rain. In our little part of Costa Rica, rain is normal this time of year, but usually it’s hot and sunny in the mornings and then stormy in the late afternoons. This day is an anomaly though, it has been raining and coldish all day. Just when I think I get a hold of this weather thing, mother nature goes and changes her mind on me.

We woke up to pretty intense clouds and rains. I made coffee and did some reading. Ross decided to be productive in other ways:

After a couple of hours it died down a little, so we decided just to go for it.

We did about 5-6 miles and only got really rained on in the last mile or so. At that point it’s not so bad because you are hot from the previous 4 miles and you really have no alternative, except to stop running and walk in the rain, which is considerably less fun than running in the rain (although dancing in the rain beats running in it, and that is always an option too).

Since I’m only accustomed to hot and tropical weather lately, I’m at a loss of what to do on this rainy, cold, Sunday. I guess the first step is to take a cold shower after that run (or hightail it to one of the many lovely hot springs around here.)

Que. Frio. I am in SO much trouble when I got back to Boston in December!!!

Are you a fan of walking, running or dancing in the rain?


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