Are You Ready for Some…Comfort Food?!

Remember how I was at a loss of what to do on my rainy Sunday yesterday? Inspiration came to me through reading everyone’s tweets and statuses (stausi?) about the football season starting. While we weren’t able to find a football Americano game on in Costa Rica, we were able to find some football food! I mean, that’s the best part for me anyway! I convinced Ross of this and we went out in search of the necessary 3 B’s: Burger, Buffalo Wings and (Belgian!) Beer.

The Lava Lounge turns out to be a great place to go for some comfort food and drinks. It is run by a gringo from South California, actually the same gringo who owns one of our new favorite breakfast spots, the Gekko Gourmet. Ross and I got to meet him the other day, and once he found out we were poor volunteers he took pity on us and generously offered us a discount on our food. In addition to the two restaurants in town, he also runs a dog adoption center and helps take care of all the strays in La Fortuna. I’ve mentioned this before but the stray dog population is a huge problem here, and it’s really nice to see somebody taking some sort of initiative in combating this issue.

One thing I think is great here, if not totally unsanitary, is the fact that most places allow dogs to accompany their owners. Mango is so used to coming to bars/restaurants with us now that he’s really well behaved and will just hang out under the table and keep begging to a minimum (most of the time). He is going to be so upset when he finds out how prejudiced the Massachusetts Board of Health is against his kind :). Adjusting to the new pet boundaries is going to be a challenge for all of us.

The only thing better than Sunday football? Monday night football of course! Go Pats!!!


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