Monkey Business

I’m not going to lie, I’m way too tired to write a real blog post here tonight. We spent the whole day on a field trip to Cano Negro, a wildlife refuge here in Costa Rica. Between the animals and the 6th grade students, I’ve had my fill on wildlife for awhile 🙂 More on this to come!

I am feeling a little homesick tonight, and thinking how easy it is to take advantage of friends/family/loved ones when they are right there in front of you everyday, or when you know you can see them any time you want. When you are limited to Skype and bad phone connections, it’s a little easier to put things into perspective.

As random as this sounds, I was inspired by a group of monkeys today. I saw a mommy monkey carrying her baby around in a big embrace, and all the monkeys were constantly touching and grooming each other. Okay, enough of the monkey business, the point is it made me realize how nice a physical connection can be (and I’m not referring to anything sexual here, this is a PG rated blog)

Make it a priority to give someone close to you a big hug tomorrow, just because you can.


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