Vive La Independencia!!!

A different shade of Red, White and Blue: Well, I missed the 4th of July in the States, and I had to celebrate Independence at some point this year, don’t take it personally U.S.A.

Costa Rican’s know how to celebrate independence! The festivities started yesterday, when we ran about 4 miles with some students and a torch. I’m sorry to say I didn’t get to take pictures of this, I was a little distracted with the running, in the heat, on a busy road, with students and a torch of FIRE. Trust me though, it was as crazy as it sounds.

We then had an acto civico at the school and did a lantern walk around the town once it got dark. Again, more children and fire, dangerous combo, but it was certainly beautiful.

This morning was the grand parade. The weather was amazing all morning (I have a really bad sunburn as proof of this, it even hurts to type) and it was one of the best parades I have ever seen. Macy’s has nothing on these Ticos!

I had to absolutely fry myself in the sun to get the photos today, but I think they were well worth it! It’s been fun celebrating independence Tico style the past couple of days with our students, and now it’s time for some Aloe Vera, a lot of water and a good night’s rest. Bring on the long weekend!!!


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