Watch Out Gisele…

My niece is the cutest little Tom Brady fan out there:

And can you really blame her?

Today was a full day of teaching, followed by a long session at the gym. A trainer there offered to give us a free orientation awhile back: We were measure, pinched, weighed and had to discuss really personal things, like how many cookies I actually eat during a cafecito. Although it was dramatic at the time, she put together a FREE workout plan for us. And it’s really good!

Many gyms that have Personal Trainers on staff do offer an orientation of sorts, normally for new members. I know the CAC, my favorite gym in Boston does ( You are CRAZY if you don’t take advantage of this. It’s free professional advice. Even if you think you know all things fitness (I have been working out for years and have even worked in a health club), you don’t, and if by a small chance you do, you just can’t motivate yourself like someone else can. Warning: You most likely will see results.

We have big plans for the rest of the night: Grey’s Anatomy is on (in English!) and I have a rootbeer float to consume (would you say you eat or drink a rootbeer float?) Either way, Sweet dreams!


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