Illegal Border Crossing… NBD

Remember that field trip we took with our students to Cano Negro earlier this month? I may have mentioned that we saw a lot of animals, floated down the Rio Frio and had a lot of fun. What I forgot to tell was that we did some illegal border crossing! Okay, it’s not quite as exciting as all that. Cano Negro is located on the border of Nicaragua, and our guide took our boat to this border marker:

And due to all our begging and pleading he went a little over into enemy Nicaraguan territory.

We got to travel in style first in a Desafio Busetta complete with AIR CONDITIONING. It was the first time I’ve slept well in almost a year, despite the 30 6th grade students screaming the entire 1 hour 1/2 ride.

Then it was onto the boat:

Some of the animals:


White-faced Cappuchin

Howlers (If you have never heard a howler monkey you are missing out- they might not be very big but they sound exactly like King Kong)

Orange Monkey ( I didn’t really get all the information on this, but I’m sure it has a real name)

Gringos- Very rare in these parts


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