The Benefit of Living Under an Active Volcano

Two words for you: Hot. Springs.

It makes the up for the fact that if the Arenal volcano ever decided to erupt in this direction, you probably wouldn’t be able to outrun the lava (or sulfuric ash).

I always have intentions to take pictures showing how amazingly beautiful the hot springs are, but the combination of hot water, alcohol and total relaxation just don’t bring out the photographer in me. So, imagine if you will a giant waterfall flowing into pools carved out of volcanic rock. The water is steaming hot, coming straight out of the volcano saturated with minerals, and surrounding the pools is a tropical paradise of palm trees, exotic flowers and humming birds. Even the bar seems like it was organically placed on the side of a volcano (okay, maybe not the flat screen TV in the bar).

Last night, thanks to some fun coworkers, we were introduced to new hot springs in the area attended mostly by locals. We had the good luck of getting caught in a tropical rainstorm and while I’m sure that being in pools of water on the side of a volcano during a lightening storm isn’t the safest thing, it was very exhilarating. The cool raindrops were a perfect compliment to the sweltering water in the pools, and the designs they made while dancing on the surface of the water, which was lit from below, looked like sparkling fireworks.

After lounging in the hot springs for a few hours and having a few Imperial Lights on ice con Sal y limon, your body gets this wonderful feeling of being totally and completely exhausted in the best way possible, and you know, come December, you are definitely going to miss living under an active volcano.

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