“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddah

This weekend has been quite indulgent, at least from a volunteer standpoint 🙂 I think the whole idea of indulgence changes a bit when you take cold showers everyday. Have I mentioned the cold water shower thing on here before? I’m sure I have, I’m constantly trying to keep positive thoughts about it by googling the benefits of cold showers. Did you know James Bond took cold showers?

I haven’t blow dried my hair for 8 months, I don’t wear make-up here and, do you know clothes don’t really fit you if you don’t dry them in a drier? The whole sun-dried, line-dried thing is charming, but it doesn’t really help with your jeans and shorts from falling off. I know what you’re thinking “buy a damn belt”, but the sad truth is I really can’t afford to go shopping and clothes here are EXPENSIVE, often 2X as much as what you would pay in the States (aside from Pequeno Mundo in San Jose, but I don’t even think they sell belts). Luckily, I also don’t have mirror in my room or bathroom so I can’t see how bad it really is.

Sorry for the tangent….

The point of this post is not to complain about all the things I don’t have here, but to rejoice in the little splurges.

After spending time in the hot springs on Thursday evening, we continued the extravagance yesterday afternoon when Ross and I visited El Sueno Day Spa downtown Fortuna.

For only $25/ per person (or $12,500 Costa Rican Colones- thank you low season!) Ross and I got massages. Oh not just any massages, but hour long full body massages, with reflexology foot treatments, hot stones and a mini-facial with a volcano mud mask. The spa itself is small, but had all the essentials that make up a very tranquil environment (candles, aromatherapy, nice masseuses, calming music, etc).

It felt wonderful, and was a much needed reminder to myself that it is really important to take a break once in awhile. I love working out everyday and being active in my spare time, but everyone needs a little tranquilo time.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddah

Some of my 5th grade students and me.These guys get my love and affection 5 days a week, weekends are for me!!

Go ahead, indulge and enjoy your weekend 🙂


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