Cerro Chato

Friday evening was all about relaxation, but by 5AM Saturday morning we were back to our usual super busy (hyperactive?) selves.

We made plans with our Director and some other teachers to hike up Cerro Chato this weekend. Ross and I had conquered this inactive volcano once before back in March, but we took a different trail this time and it was fun to do it as a group. We had to start out pretty early to avoid the inevitable afternoon rainstorms this time of year, but it was worth the lack of sleep as the weather was great for all for all 6 hours we spent up there.

There is a green lagoon that has formed in the crater at the top, and yesterday we all took the climb down into it. It’s hard both physically and mentally to summit a mountain, and then climb DOWN into a steep slippery crater, knowing you’ll have to climb back up to the top, before descending. Hard, but totally worth it. The greenish blue lagoon was gorgeous, and Ross even took a little swim. Here are some pictures from our day:

That little insignificant bump in the background is the mountain, I don’t know why it looks so small here, it’s high I promise:

Going up…

Tired already?

Picture of the lagoon from the summit:

Going down:

Going in:

Drying off:


Celebrating another summit victory:

Thanks again for those hiking boots you got us for Christmas last year Mom! We’re putting them to good use 🙂


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