Old MacDonald was a Gringo

Be careful when trying to teach the song “Old MacDonald” to Costa Rican 3rd graders who have all grown up on farms. For one thing, they take the animal sounds waaay too literally. They got all bent out of shape when I told them that pigs say “oink”. “Teacher, yo tengo 16 cerdos y nada dice ‘Oink’, nunca”. They then proceed to make insanely realistic animal noises that I can’t reproduce, and that certainly won’t go along with the tune.

I tried to tell them “es no importa” and get them to focus more on the vowels in E-I-E-I-O, which are killer for Spanish speaking ESL students, since E is pronounced like Eh, and I is pronounced like E as in (Elope). But they just couldn’t get over the incorrectness of my animal sounds. I wound up telling them that Old MacDonald was a Gringo and that his animals made gringo animal noises. Needless to say, it was a tough Monday morning.


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