It’s The Great Pumpkin!!!

Movie tickets in San Jose, Costa Rica only cost $3. If you want to add some popcorn and a fountain soda, that will be another $3 dollars. $6 dollars per person for a good snack and a movie seems pretty fair to me. Actually it should probably only be about $4.50 a person if you share the popcorn and soda, which you should because apparently movie theater popcorn has upwards of 10 million calories (this is just approximated). The quality of the theaters is equal to your standard American theater, and it makes me really wonder how the heck Loews and those other monstrosities can get away with charging $20 dollars for one ticket, and lord knows how much popcorn is up to these days. Maybe they are charging per calorie? Regardless, F you Fandango.

We saw the movie Bad Teachers, which was funny, especially since we are bad teachers ourselves right now. (not $20 dollars per ticket funny, so either come see it in Costa Rica or wait for it to come out on DVD).

After a tough week, a night out in San Jose was the perfect escape. We stayed at Hotel Aranjuez, and I seriously don’t even want to write about this place in detail until I leave Costa Rica because I want it all to myself. It’s the most amazing, affordable, elegant place in the city.

We went to the Mall San Pedro for some American comfort food, the aforementioned movie, a hair cut and a little shopping:

Then we went out to Cafe de Los Deseos, one of my favorites, for drinks and hummus:

I slept great for the first time in weeks thanks to the wine, the hot shower, the ginormous bed, freezing cold sleeping conditions (I think it got down to 68 degrees!)

And then, one of the most amazing things happened today.

(Ross obviously didn’t get the amazing memo)

Before leaving San Jose we stopped in a Super there for some Gringo cosas and wound up finding an entire 2 rows with Thanksgiving foods including PUMPKIN. We didn’t buy anything today, but just seeing it and knowing pumpkin does exist in the same country as me is a good start. I’m missing fall terribly 😦

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better:


Happiness (obviously I was waay too excited)

Back to reality though, we are still in Costa Rica so of course the chocolate pumpkin looked something like this:

Maybe not the Great Pumpkin, but it was a delicious one!!!


One response

  1. You found it!!

    You are just getting prettier and prettier. You look so happy. I can’t wait to be at that hotel with the enormous bed. Though it will make transitioning slower, with the hot shower and all.

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