Born in the U.S.A

Today was such a great day at school with all the cultural events. I’m always impressed by how all-out some of the students, parents and teachers go for these holidays, despite the lack of resources (and funds) readily available. Schools in the U.S could probably learn a thing a two. Here was our U.S.A classroom:

The Indigenous crew

A little Caribbean flavor:

One thing that gets me is the tolerance for weapons, real or fake, in school. From what I’ve seen, school violence just isn’t an issue here, there isn’t even really any bullying and they’ve probably never even heard of Columbine. I guess I”m just coming from a place where shooting someone with a water gun could earn you a few years in juvie.

In true Gringo fashion, we under dressed dressed down for the event in jeans. Ross wore a BC shirt and Mango wore a blue bandana:

I represented Beantown with a Red Sox shirt

NOT that the Red Sox deserve it after this season 😦 Not gonna lie, if I had a Patriots or Bruins shirt I probably would have worn that instead.


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