A Birthday Surprise…No Longer a Surprise, But Still a Birthday!

I am TERRIBLE with surprises. The worst. It’s especially difficult for me to keep a surprise from the only other person I can speak (English) with here. Unfortunately that person is also the birthday boy and the intended surprise recipient.

So the birthday surprise is no longer, BUT I still have some awesome birthday plans for Ross.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Rancho Margot in El Castillo. It’s a self-sustaining organic farm/yoga center/relaxation retreat all in one. We will be staying in one of their Bungalows for 2 nights.

Every time we have visited organic farms and met the people who work so hard to make the world a better place, I have always left feeling so inspired. In a world that often seems so overwhelmingly complex, places like this seem to break it down and make it all so simple. What’s really important in life? Taking care of your body by eating healthy, real foods and being active. Taking care of, and giving back to the environment instead of just using and abusing it for it’s resources, because while you can live without that gas guzzeling SUV, you probably can’t live without an Ozone layer or clean air.

What else we are looking forward to:

2 daily YOGA classes
3 organic meals a day
Hot showers
Hot AND cold outdoor pools
Horseback riding, Kayaking, Fishing
Making homemade soap and cheese
Getting to milk a cow. Again.

There is Wi-Fi in the bar and restaurant there, so make sure to drop by this Sunday, October 16th, and wish Mr. Donovan a Happy Birthday 🙂


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