Right Here, Right Now.

This past weekend was a good reminder to me that yoga is more than just an exercise and a physical practice, but also a state of mind. You can touch your toes, stand on your head and become a pretzel on the mat, but none of that matters if your not in tune with what’s going on INSIDE that pretzel.

I’ve been really upset that there isn’t yoga available in La Fortuna, and that I’ve only had the chance to take classes a handful of times since coming to Costa Rica. Before Ross and I left last January, we were doing Yoga almost every day and I’d found some places I really loved in Boston:

Cambridge Athletic Club : Yoga was INCLUDED with a membership here, one of the only full gyms I know of that actually has a yoga studio and not just yoga mats in a group exercise room.
Exhale: Expensive, but worth it. The place is pure luxury and there is a tea relaxation room for before and after class, locker rooms with steam rooms and bathrobes.
North End Yoga: I lived in the North End and loved that I could walk here in minutes. I loved the early morning classes.
Prana Power Yoga: Hot Yoga, but much more relaxed than Bikram. You sweat like crazy and get a great workout, and feel complete zen after.

Since coming here, I’ve been trying to keep up the practice on my own like on the front porch:

And on the beach:

Lately it’s been more difficult for me to get in a good practice without an instructor to guide me. I thought this was because I was out of practice physically, but this weekend I found that it’s more mentally that I’ve lost it.

I haven’t been great at focusing on my breathing and just living in the present moment. Instead I’ve been worrying about the things I haven’t done perfectly here and anxiously planning ahead for what is going to happen when we get back to the USA.

Worrying about the past or the present doesn’t make anything better, but being focused and enjoying the present moment makes everything better. My goal for the rest of this time here is to do more yoga, not just on the mat but to try to keep that yoga state of mind and bring that with me in everything else I do. Blogging included.

So forget the fancy yoga studios for now and in this moment, literally as you read this, lower your shoulders away from your ears (I know you’re probably hunched over your computer/laptop/iPad) and feel your shoulder blades run down your back. Stick out your chest out slightly and take a long, deep breath in. Then exhale slowly through your nose, listening to your breath the whole way through. Repeat the breathe 3 times.

The present moment feels pretty good, right? That’s why we should live HERE and not in that conference call from yesterday or that dentist appointment we have tomorrow.



7 responses

    • Well, we haven’t been drinking all that much here, so I’m a little worried about the the tolerance level, but other than that so ready!!! I’m homesick and I miss my friends. How is TX treating y’all?

      • Haha, take pictures! Cannot wait to hear the stories from you three being together in Costa Rica πŸ™‚

        Austin is great! It’s sunny and beautiful every single day. I miss everyone in Boston too. It’s tough! Hope Ash coming helps the homesickness! I’ll see you on my next trip back! Xo

      • Meg, you are so beautiful! I’m so glad you got to have a little mini yoga retreat – I’m sure it worked wonders for your mind, body & soul!

        I love what you said about a state of mind and finding that “place.” I love this one class at Exhale that David Magone teachers – it’s a pranavayu and he leads a 20 minute meditation at the end of class. There is really nothing like it!

        Once you get back here, you’ll have to come take classes with me. I have guest passes waiting for you ; )

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