Ain’t Life Sweet…

I was having a Facebook conversation with my sister last night about her upcoming wedding (right now I’m an international Maid of Honor) and she told me she is not planning on having a wedding cake, but rather having cupcakes. She is a genius.

(The genius herself, with Halle last Halloween. I can’t wait to see the costume this year!)

This conversation instantly instilled in me an insatiable craving for cupcakes. She went on to talk about bridesmaids dresses or something, but my brain was stuck on thoughts of frosting and chocolate.

While I’ve had more sugary carbs than I can count here, and have enjoyed even more than a few birthday cakes, I have not had a cupcake for almost a year. This is sad, because nothing is better than a really great cupcake.

It also brought back memories of one of the best parts of working in Boston, that you can order amazing cupcakes to be delivered to your office (or home or wherever) from Kickass Cupcakes

I personally love the Mojito ones (which is also one of the Gluten Free options) but they have sooo many flavors, and you can even create your own.

If you are working in the Boston area, this is definitely the perfect mid workday pick-me-up or surprise for a co-worker. It’s also a great incentive for your boss to give you that promotion you’ve been dying for (kill em with kindness kickass cupcakes.

I’m off to the gym now, but I’m going to be fantasizing about cupcakes the entire time and might even try to concoct my own Costa Rican style ones tonight. If so, I promise to post a picture update of that disaster.

Happy Friday, celebrate with cupcakes 🙂


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