I am beyond excited today. I feel like it’s Christmas morning and I’m eagerly waiting to open my presents. I’ll only be getting one present today (that I know of, I mean if you wanted to surprise me with more presents I wouldn’t complain), but it’s a great one:

Ashley (Apparently a model = isn’t this an awesome photo?)

It has been 9 months and 22 days since I have seen any one of my girl friends from home (amigas, not novias), and I miss them all so much, all the time. I am very lucky to have Ross and Mango and our host family and a great community here in Costa Rica, but there is nothing that can ever replace your friends.

Since I have no recent photos of us together, all these are from anywhere from 1-6 years ago.

There will be plenty more bikinis, and bars, in Manual Antonio!

Ross and I have made some wonderful friends via the WorldTeach program this year. It’s amazing how traveling with people and sharing a life experience such as this can bring you so close so quickly. We spent a month together in Orosi and get to see each other sporadically during the year. Although they are hours and hours away, just knowing those amazing people are in the same country as me really helps me, and the fun times we do get to spend together relaxing on tropical beaches and scaling mountain tops make all the hard times worth it.

We have also slowly but surely made some great Tico friends. It’s amazing that despite cultural differences and language barriers you can still really bond with people. One of the hardest thing about Tico friends is going out with them. They aren’t content just going out for dinner and drinks, they always have to dance. The kind of dancing that would blow away the judges on Dancing with the Stars. Once they see us struggling and embarrassing ourselves on the dance floor, they usually try to help, which just ends in their feet getting stomped on by our feet and their noses getting crushed with our foreheads.

Why can’t Gringos dance? Or why can ALL Ticos dance? I guess if you don’t have a military to deal with it leaves a lot more time and resources for other endeavors, like dancing. That’s the very essence of Pura Vida.

I’m going to get back to counting down the minutes until Ashley’s plane gets here…

For all you other friends out there:


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