What goes up…

must come down.

The hardest part about taking vacations is coming off that vacation high and playing catch-up when you get back.

Before you hate me for complaining about getting to go on vacations, please keep in mind that I am currently working for free volunteering here and vacation time is the only a perk that comes with that.

As much as I love to travel, after a certain period of time I get excited to get back to a routine that doesn’t consist of communal showers, french fries and sunburns.

There is a limbo period that occurs after a vacation and before getting back to *normal (*whatever that is). Like coming off any high, there is a low recovery period and I think I hit rock bottom today.

It started with my 6AM alarm. Although I can rarely sleep in or stay in bed past 7AM on vacation, knowing it was Monday morning and I had a full day of classes in front of me, I could have easily slept in until 5PM. Saturday.

No more leisurely vacation breakfasts for this girl. I had just enough time to gulp down a cup of black coffee and eat some peanut butter on wheat bread, all while last minute perfecting my 3rd grade lesson planning.

Still, I had grand intentions this morning to get back to the gym and also prepare the themes and objectives for all my upcoming exams after school today- HAH!

I barely made it through my last period 5th grade class without passing out from exhaustion. By the time I got home I had a headache and barely enough strength to walk Mango around the block-never mind exercise.

I nixed the gym idea on the premise that I would probably be a risk not only to myself, but to other innocent bystanders in the weight room.

Some tips on how to recover from a vacation high:

-Drink lots of water and herbal teas
-Eat clean and avoid too much caffeine and sugar
-Stay away from alcohol (it’s not really recommended for any sort of recovery. Except for recovery from bad breakups, those require lots of booze)
-Go to bed early and get lots of sleep
-Do not kill your puppy, significant other and/or students. Remember at one point you thought they were really cute (you were probably still on the booze at that point).
-Give yourself a break- If you get all stressed out about life after a vacation, you’re just going to need another vacation. It’s a vicious cycle, don’t let it suck you in!


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