Dr. ‘Do Little’

Mango has been doing much better since we’ve gotten back from traveling, Gracias a Dios! After some pain killers and antibiotics he is not having any more pain or trouble going. It’s really hard to explain the veterinary system here, but it’s pretty lacking for house pets. I’m sure our vet is totally capable with horses and cows, but when it comes to little puppies he is a bit…. Crude? For lack of a better word. I’m not trying to be rude, but he did show us Mango’s testicles right after removing them. I guess it’s normal here, proof of the job completed?

Some of the pluses: He was very kind to see us for an emergency visit on a Sunday (when the vet is usually closed) and he did give us medications that seem to have helped Mango. The cons: He was not wearing a shirt for our visit (he is a big guy with more body hair than Mango). I know it’s his day off, but really, no shirt?

He also asked us what was wrong with the dog, and we told him the symptoms and then he asked us if we thought it was an infection. Um, we’re not sure, we’re NOT VETERINARIANS. I know psychologists tend to answer questions with questions, but vets? He didn’t do any tests, examinations or really even glance in Mango’s direction during the entire visit. He just gave us medications based on the symptoms we described (in very poor Spanish- I’m pretty sure I said “el tiene una problema con su peepee” As in “He has a problem with his peepee”. I don’t think that’s qualified medical jargon, at least I’ve never heard it said on Grey’s Anatomy.

The end result: It’s better than nothing. We are lucky to have a local vet, and If there ever is a real problem or emergency, we can always take a taxi an hour away to San Carlos. It’s the same with human health care; there is real quality stuff available in the country, you just have to go to the big cities to get it. And pay the big bucks. Our last emergency vet visit cost us $4 including medications. We’ve been told it cost $30 dollars just to see a vet in the city, and that would be on top of an hour cab ride. I might pay our vet $30 if it means he’d wear a shirt, I’m that good of a puppy parent.

Unlike good puppy parents we ran out of dog food last night and didn’t have time to buy more before classes this morning. I whipped up a combination of food we had in the house to give to Mango. This included: Wheat Bread, Peanut butter and stale Special K cereal with Strawberries. He was skeptical at first:

He got over it though, and actually liked it a lot.

After eating the whole thing he wanted more. Not happening! We need to get this guy on a diet, not because he is fat but because we need to slow down his growing, we’re hoping his crate won’t be too small to fly back to the States next month!


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