Actually, that dress does make you look fat and ugly…

Imagine saying this to someone else. Horrifying, mean, awful? Now imagine saying this to yourself. Imagine? I’ve already said it 5 times today!

You’ve probably heard that you should treat others as as you would like to be treated, but how WOULD you like to be treated? If how we treat ourselves is any indication of how we’d like to be treated, then probably not that good.

This past weekend was just what I needed. I didn’t get all my work done, didn’t get my entire life in order, or solve world peace, but that’s OKAY. I wouldn’t expect this of others, so why do I put all that pressure on myself, all the time?

I did catch up on some work, slept in, went to the gym, went on a date with Ross, played with Mango, ate ice cream, read, watched the final Harry Potter on iTunes and went to a sports bar to watch the Patriots blow the Jets away.

Ross and I have been going to the gym about 5 days a week following a pretty intense strength-training routine. I’ve been loving this for the past 2 months or so, but lately the work outs have been leaving me feeling exhausted, and not in a good way. If someone else had told me this about them I would have congratulated them on all their good work and told them to slow down and take a well deserved rest. Since it’s me though, I told myself I should be able to do more.

But I came to my senses (this happens once in awhile). It’s always good to change things up every couple of weeks/months, so I’m cutting down the lifting sessions to only 3 days a week and adding more cardio back into my routine. Long, slow runs might not be the best thing for rapid weight loss, but they are my mental sanity. I do some of my best, most clear thinking during these runs. Oh, and I already carb-load every. single. day. Thank you rice and beans for joining me at every meal!

Now if only I had some good friends to run and share these thoughts with! Seriously, if you haven’t yet, schedule a long run with a friend and just talk. It will probably be the best conversation of your life. My friend Jen and I held an interesting conversation for all 26.2 miles and 4+ hours of the Boston Marathon (at least we did until Boylston street where she blew me away at the finish :))

If you find yourself thinking negatively, try to imagine saying those thoughts out loud to someone else, would it be rude? Inappropriate? Considered by some as mental or emotional abuse even? Would it get you fired if you said it to your boss? Dumped if you said it to your significant other? Bitten if you said it to your dog?

Today try treating yourself as you often (hopefully) treat others; with respect, positivity, kindness, understanding and patience. And that dress doesn’t make you look fat or ugly, I was only making a point.


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    • How about scheduling one long run/yoga class/sweat session on the weekend with friend(s)? And then go out for a fantastic brunch after (mimosas are optional :))

      It won’t help with those weekday solo workouts, but it will be something fun to look forward too!

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