As promised, here are some pictures of our Costa Rican Turkey Day!

It all started with the trot…

Hayden & Caitlin stretching out

Eric pre-race… not quite sure what he’s doing

Me, waay too excited for 7:00 in the morning. #myfriendshateme

The race was optional for everyone. Ross had the option to run the race, or find himself single on Thanksgiving Day.

Angie, Steff (aka GANADORA) y Caitlin

After the race we took freezing cold showers, had an amazing breakfast and then went into meetings for the rest of the day. I not only got a Turkey Trot medal, but also a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, it was a pretty productive turkey day for someone who usually just watches football and naps between eating 🙂

Fast forward to 7:00PM and it was time for cena:

Look as close as you want, you won’t find one frijole on this plate:

Or here:

I need a nap just looking at all that food! We’re back to rice and beans for a few more weeks, but it’s nice to be home in Fortuna and back to Mango. Our poor little perrito didn’t get any turkey this year, but we did let him get face-deep into some Pops ice cream when we got home last night.

I’m sure he’s thankful for this…


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