Semanas de Despedidas

Work hard, play hard, right? That’s what we’ve been doing. Trying to get in all the grades for all 400 students whilest attending muchas fiestas. Ay ca-rumba!

I think all the stress is really getting to Ross…

Last night the staff at our school threw an end-of-year party/goodbye party for Ross and I. We all went to Los Laureles, an authentic tico hot springs experience (it’s not as fancy, but you won’t encounter 500 American High Schoolers like you might at Baldi). There were hot pools, cold pools, water slides, picnic tables and grills for cooking.

Don’t even get me started on the food!!! There was a never ending supply of pork, chicken, sausage and tortillas on the grill. For sides there were potato chips, sun chips, plantain chips, chocolate chips… They call chips “papas” and french fries “papas”, which always kind of confuses me. Sometimes french fries are also papas fritas (fried potatoes), but chips are also fried potatoes. Como, como???

And of course cafe y pancito! Coffee, boxes of glazed, frosted donuts, dulce de leche and chocolate covered with sprinkles. For those who prefer savory pancito there was empanadas de pollo y carne. In addition to endless coffee, there was sangria, cervezas, and vodka.

Not. One. Vegetable. Unless you count one of the many ‘papas’ (but seriously, don’t). I’m in need of a ‘detox’, but it’s worth it. How many more opportunities will I have to enjoy this authentic Tico food with authentic Ticos? If I kept this up all year it might be a problem, but I can bounce back from a few despedidas locas, so why not live it up?

We danced cumbia, merengue and salsa, and just hung out in the water under the stars all night. It was an excellent way to end the school year. I haven’t cried (yet) but I got pretty emotional saying goodbye to mis companeros, so we’ll see how it goes with the host family/close friends.

The Gifts: All the other teachers gave us a beautiful Costa Rican coffee maker and a handmade wooden decorative shelf. In addition, Alejandra, (one of our 2nd grade students whose father is an artist here in town and has a shop where he sells his hand-carvings among other souvenirs), gave me a wooden jewelry box filled with beautiful wood earrings, and Ross some really cool, very Costa Rican coasters.

At least we’ll be bringing some beautiful Costa Rican souvenirs home with us and will surely have one of the most Tico-styled apartments in Boston. Who’s coming over for salsa dancing, gallo pinto and Cacique cocktails (vegetables not included)?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss


2 responses

  1. So sad that this adventure is coming to a close Megan! I was just starting to follow this blog on a regular basis–it’s pretty inspiring, especially as I begin a new chapter in my own life that will allow me to travel more. What’s next for you guys?


    PS That’s a hell of a sausage.

    • Thanks Pete! Hopefully the blog (and the travels!) won’t end after this. Our plans as of right now are tentative (aren’t they always?) Sounds like you have some great stuff coming up, maybe it’s time to start your own blog?

      P.S. You haven’t even had a real sausage experience until you’ve tried some Costa Rican salchichon.

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