No More Pencils, No More Books

I’m jealous: While all the other teachers at our school are gearing up for their big vacations (the Costa Rican school year goes from the 2nd week of February thru the 2nd week of December, so this is essentially their version of our ‘summer’ vacation in the States) Ross and I are in the process of job searching/starting to work again right after the holidays. I think we are missing out one of the best parts about being a teacher, don’t you?

Speaking of that 3 letter word (JOB), I have never applied for one while being out of the country, but it’s amazing what you can do through the internet: Conference calls, Skype interviews, online applications, etc. It makes me wonder, how did anyone ever get a job before the internet was invented? It must have been difficult, however they never had to deal with getting their face frozen mid-unflattering expression and/or sneeze via Skype. If you Skype, you know what i”m talking about. Then you get all distracted looking at your frozen picture thinking ‘oh my god, am I really that ugly?’ while still trying to answer the personal questions. Biggest weakness? Inability to look away from my own image in the Skype camera, but I’m definitely willing to work on this.

I swear I look better in person… the camera adds 10 pounds…

Some interview questions are really fun, aren’t they? I am really looking forward to being able to conduct an interview myself soon. I already have some questions lined up (feel free to send me your answers to be considered in the running for whatever I might be interviewing for):

Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in god above, if the bible tells you so?

Do you believe in rock and roll?

Can music save your mortal soul?

And… can you teach me how to dance reaalll slow?

In reality, I’m enjoying this and am not that upset that we don’t get a 2+ month vacation. I don’t even know what I’d do with all the free time. This year was way more laid back than my usual life, even with teaching full time, all the TEFL work (in addition to the classroom teaching we had to have approximately 200,000 hours of paperwork completed including unit and daily lesson plan submissions, a written Philosophy of Teaching and reflection forms). We have some vacation days to enjoy here before we leave, but I’m *almost* ready to come back to reality šŸ™‚


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