The Super Workout

It’s been a busy few weeks with travel, fiestas and everything else that comes along with moving to a different country, and because of this we are fat haven’t been so good about keeping up our workout routine. It happens.

After taking time off though, I see why it’s so hard for people to get motivated to start working out. When you are in the middle of a great, consistent workout routine, training program, yoga practice, etc. you have so much energy and feel so good. You’re comfortable and confident in the gym or in a exercise class, and your workout clothes fit great.

When it’s been awhile since your last gym visit (like 2 weeks, or a lifetime) it’s intimidating. You’re out of breathe on your walk up the stairs to the entrance, and you get a cramp just filling up your water bottle. How can you think about lifting weights when it takes all the strength you have not to turn around, drive home, sit on the couch and pretend like the whole thing was just a bad dream??

Well, when I feel like this and I’m just looking to start getting back into shape and not necessarily looking to win any heavy weight competitions or PR in any races I turn to SUPERSETS.

Supersets are an everything-in-one kind of workout. You get in your cardio, weight training and plenty of sweating without having to spend 3 hours at the gym.

I am a little ADD when it comes to weight lifting, and I get bored when doing heavier sets and taking naps taking 4 minute breaks between them. With supersets you just keep on moving with no breaks at all between the moves and only short (1-2 min) breaks between supersets.

Since supersets only require you to push to your own ability at that given moment (and not a certain weight limit), they are great for those getting back into exercise after taking a break, because if you try to get right back into your old heavy lifting routine you’re probably going to get hurt.


It’s hard getting back into the swing of things, but you’ll be feeling great again before you know it (provided your arms don’t really fall off, I imagine that would be a long recovery).

I just read this article on Women’s Health online that I thought it would share. It offers a superset workout PLUS an extra cardio interval:

Have a super weekend!!!!


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