Don’t Rain On My (Productivity) Parade

After spending 8 days basking in the glorious sunshine on tropical beaches, we arrived back in La Fortuna yesterday to cold, wet, muddy, rainforest.

I don’t mind too much, 8 days in the sun was a lot and my skin could use a break. It’s just so darn difficult to be motivated in cold rain! Since we left the beach at 5AM yesterday and didn’t get back home until around 2pm, I decided to take an easy day and put everything off until today. It seemed like a great idea at the time, until I woke up this morning un-showered (I just couldn’t face the cold water yesterday. You need to build up to that stuff) and surrounded by dirty clothes, a dirty room, dirty dog, and a million things on my to-do list.

Now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this morning by having to get out of bed and go face the dirty room, and chores that need to be done outside in the pouring rain. Yet I’m determined, and where there’s a will there’s a way, right? Plus if I let cold rain keep me down, what will happen to me in Boston snowstorms? Staying in bed until May isn’t a possibility.

So, here goes nothing:

1. Walk to the Super (in the rain) and buy dog food. Poor Mango had to survive on rice and beans last night like the rest of us.

2. Figure out my dirty laundry issue. And it really is an issue. You see, nearly all of our clothes are dirty right now and 1. The washing machine here is broken which would require us to hand-wash everything (which would probably take more than the 3 days we have left here) and 2. It is pouring rain and there are no driers in this country, we dry all our clothes outside. Again, this won’t happen in 3 days, in this weather our clothes might dry by February. So, do we attempt to wash? Travel home with only dirty clothes? Wet, half-dirty clothes? Leave the clothes? This is TBD.

3. Bring Mango to the Vet and get all his paperwork done for the flight. We have all his vaccines and he’s pretty much up-to=date, but Delta requires the paperwork not be officially filled out until within 10 days prior to flying. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with this. This flight business has been really stressful, and my recommendation would be to never fly internationally with your pet unless it’s an absolute necessity.

4. Start packing things we will bring back and getting rid of everything else that’s just in the way/taking up space.

I think that should do it for this morning at least! Things are a bit crazy here now, but I would never take back the time we got to spend on the beaches of Guanacaste wtih Mango:

Running like crazy:

Chasing Coconuts:

Making new friends:

Sleeping in the sand:

Enjoying ice cold Imperials

Lots of quality family time 🙂


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