#1 Dad

Ross is off in San Jose today being the greatest dog-daddy ever. We found out very last minute yesterday that our vet, while able to fill out all Mango’s health forms, isn’t qualified to authorize them. Without authorization, the form is basically null and void, and Mango isn’t able to travel anywhere 😦

Needless to say, I panicked. Ross as usual, stayed cool and calm and got right to researching how to get the form authorized. The only way? Go right to the damn ministry yourself. In San Jose. Another 10 hour bus ride to and from San Jose. They also said it could take up to 2 days for the authorization to be cleared, so we had to do this like yesterday.

Ross left at 5AM this morning and should be home soon, authorization in hand. This is some stuff I’m not going to miss. At home in the States I feel like there would be some other/better way; a scan or fax, electronic signature, a heads-up at least.

I stayed back to get some packing done, and I’ve made a little progress. Mango must have heard all the commotion going on with his immigration papers and gotten worried he’s going to get left behind, because he refuses to get out of my suitcase as I pack:

Hmmmmm, maybe Mango’s on to something here….

But seriously, thank you Ross! We (Mango and I) LOVE you ❤


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