Baby, it’s Cold Outside…

We’re back!!!!

We’re freezing!!!!!

But we’re very happy 🙂 Friends and family, thank you so much for graciously taking us back, taking care of us and being flexible with us. It’s definitely overwhelming, and we are looking forward to getting re-adjusted and spending time with everyone as soon as we’re settled. Here’s a quick update for now:

Saturday: We had quite a trip home (blog post on this to come, our flight experience deserves a blog of it’s own) but as soon as we landed in Boston we headed to a party to see many Boston friends. If you were there, I’m sorry if I didn’t get a chance to talk to you much, if I spoke to you only in Spanish or if I made you hold my dog all night. At that point we hadn’t slept for 24 hours and I don’t really remember anything about this night except just feeling so happy to be there.

(Thanks again for the cupcake welcome Laura!!!)

We spent our first night in our new North End apartment. Can’t wait to be all moved in next week and get re-acquainted with city living!

Sunday: My Mom, Sister and niece picked us up and we all went to Ross’ house in Connecticut for the evening. Ross’ Mom threw a great dinner party and we sat by the fireplace, drank wine and laughed a lot with our families.

Monday: After a little xmas shopping in Mystic, CT we drove back to Rockport. We’ll be here relaxing, tree-decorating, eating and spending time with the fam. We’ll be here until Friday morning, when we’ll be driving back to Conneticut for the holiday weekend. If you’re on the North Shore this week give us a call!

Next week after Christmas we’ll be moving our stuff from CT and into the new North End apartment. If anyone is interested in helping us move/helping with Mango during the move please let me know! There will be free pizza, beer and Spanish lessons included!!!

Mango had a really tough time getting here as far as flights are concerned (again, blog post about this coming) but he is such a little trooper! He is LOVING it here; the colder weather, the freedom, and the cuddles from his new extended family.

I don’t have my camera cord right now, but our friend Laura caught the moment with our party entrances Saturday night, right after our flight:

Me first, Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand (how did I live without this for a year?!)

Ross was next, look at that smile:

And finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for…. y Mango?

How CUTE is his fleece coat (I’m talking about Mango here, sorry Pete)??

I think 2012 is going to be a very good year ❤ Now if only we could maintain these tans…


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  1. By the way, I don’t know if this came across enough at the party, but I’ll be back on the 26th and would LOVE to help you guys with moving/Mango/pizza any time. You name it. 😀

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