Champagne Supernova

Now you’re never going to believe this one… I think I actually had better internet access in Costa Rica than I have the last few days back in Boston. Darn you Comcast for not being able to come set us up until Monday!

We have officially been in our new apartment 4 days, and it’s coming along pretty well (despite the whole no internet or TV thing). I was thinking of sharing photos, but I’m going to wait until you can at least see an inch of floor space. What are we going to do with all this STUFF in our tiny North End apartment? Is anyone really handy at installing shelving? I think if we have some put in from floor to ceiling in every room, we might be able to make this work.

Moving is always a bit stressful, but thank goodness I have some great friends to help alleviate that! Just yesterday a friend of mine who works at the new EXHALE spa on the waterfront invited me to come try a free class. Well, I can’t pass up a free anything, especially yoga and ESPECIALLY when the invitation is from Rachel aka THE Healthy Chick herself. I’ve written on here about my experience with EXHALE before (the one downtown) and this time around was just as delightful. It has an Amazing yoga studio, great classes (I did the yoga but I hear the core classes are killer workouts), saunas, bathrobes, fancy bathroom shampoos and lotions and a quiet tea room. If I had to sum it up with one word that would be: Zen.

After this, I had to bring my enlightened-self back down to Earth, which meant going to the least zen-ful place in Boston, The Tam. Two very good friends were visiting from Atlanta, and we were excited to be back in town to see them. When a group of us used to work Downtown on Tremont St. we would go to the Tam all the time, probably because we couldn’t afford anywhere else downtown on our entry level salaries? Anyway, it’s become sort of tradition now to go there when we get together and it’s always a good time.

Speaking of good times, do you have some planned for tomorrow night?? 2011 has been quite an interesting and eventful year, but I feel like I’m ready to move on with some new beginnings.

I decided for this year that instead of a New Year’s Resolution to stop doing something (ie eating chocolate) or lose something (ie weight) I’m going to choose a few positive things I want to start doing, or do more of. For me this will be spending more time on my yoga practice, enjoying good friends and even indulging in chocolate and not feeling bad about it (I’m drinking a Peppermint Mocha as I type this. No internet at home = lots of coffee shops).

Stay positive and remember not to put too much pressure on yourself; small consistent lifestyle changes are going to be a lot more enjoyable and make more of a positive impact than anything else.

If you are off the wagon this year, make sure to stay hydrated and take some Ibuprofen before bed, because a champagne hangover is no way to start a New Year. Cheers!


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