All dressed up and nowhere to go

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s festivities were fun and that your year is off to a great start so far!

I spent New Year’s Eve in one of the hottest spots in the Boston area… my apartment. After a year of almost non-stop traveling, Ross and I decided we wanted to ring in 2012 at home. It was still formal attire though, while you have to dress up in order to go out to some places, you do not necessarily have to go out to those places in order to dress up.

We were lucky enough to convince some family and friends to join us in our black-tie couch-fest.

The Girls

The Boys

Ashley and Mango kept it business casual:

On the menu? Shrimp cocktail, cheese and meat plates, flatbread pesto pizza, spinach and artichoke dip and far too much wine, beer and champagne. It was fantastic. (Thank you Trader Joe’s, just for being you).

I spent New Year ’s Day with my family and 1 1/2 year old niece at the Boston Children’s Museum. What a great place to take kids of all ages!

Halle and my Mom

Alaina and me racing to the top. Sorry little kids waiting in line, this is a serious competition…

Halle’s slam dunk!

I was very impressed by the range of stations they had and how fun and informative it all was.

Normal admission is $12 for adults and children 1+ (unless you lie and say that your 1 1/2 year old is really only 11 months old, it’s not like she’s going to get carded!). Friday nights are sponsored by Target for only $1 from 5-9pm. It’s maybe not THE most exciting date night in the city, but definitely a special (affordable) treat for any kiddies in your life!

As I mentioned in my last post, no crazy resolutions for me this year. I’m trying to take it real easy on myself during this re-adjustment period. I do have a goal to get out there and run tomorrow morning, I’ve been missing running on the Charles for far too long now, and my new sneakers and Garmin are too tempting to ignore any longer. So that’s the plan, weather permitting*

Today was the first day back in Boston that was almost unbearably cold for me, and I know there are plenty more of these days to dread completely look forward to over the next few months. What do you do to help overcome the winter blues that tend to sneak up between the holiday season and Spring (or the last snowstorm, whatever comes first); I’d love some advice and suggestions, and no, moving back to Costa Rica until June isn’t an option!


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    • You guys look beautiful. I really am loving your apartment…the exposed brick wall just makes it classy lookin’

      You and Ross need to come over soon so I can treat you ; )

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