So fresh and so clean

While I’ve been having a fine time adapting to Boston life, my skin isn’t on board. I did take it from 30 degrees Celsius to 11 degrees Fahrenheit (I don’t know that exact conversion, but it’s a lot), from cold showers to scalding hot , and from warm, moist air to very dry cold air. I lost my tan as soon as I got off the runway at Logan, but I did acquire some very itchy dryness to make up for it. There is a cure though!

Neutrogena Rainbath

This stuff has been amazing for my skin; it cleans, moisturizes and even works well for shaving. It has a great subtle smell too (because do you really want to walk around smelling like the beach or cotten candy? Think about it).

Mango likes it so much he wants to eat it, although that’s not saying much, he also eats dirt.

One of my favorite things about our new teeny-tiny apartment are the great windows over-looking a gorgeous church and Hanover Street. Mango has also taken a liking to these windows and since he can’t see out of them from inside of his create, he now prefers to be on top of his crate.

I’m heading out for a walk with the pooch now, he’s all dressed and ready to go!

Later this evening I’m hopefully taking my first class at North End Yoga. They have a new member promotion for $30 for 30 days!


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  1. I can’t get over how adorable Mango is! Tell me about Boston weather…my skin has been terrible too lately. I want there to be one nice snow fall and then SPRING to come!

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