There’s a first time for everything

Happy Friday the 13th! Interesting fact: The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia

The rain from yesterday faded away but the warmth stayed around, making it a perfect day for a nice Boston run! I did about 3 miles today, and ended my run at Haymarket, there’s no better time to buy fruits and vegetables than right after a workout when your healthy endorphins are raging. Although, sometimes during/right after longer or more difficult runs, all I want is a burger and a beer.. is that just me?

I know I talked all about veggies yesterday, but I just thought I’d share that for only $10 ($9.75 to be exact) I got all this at Haymarket:

If you’re around the area, it’s open tomorrow (Saturday) from dawn until dusk. It can be a dirty, rude place, but it’s also a Boston landmark, and more importantly it fits my price range!

What I am going to do with that giant bag of jalapeno peppers is another question, I guess things are going to be spiced up around here. They will work well for some chili and maybe other football food for the big Patriots game tomorrow night!

The bag of baby carrots is for Mango, I read that baby carrots are a great dog treat. I heard they are good frozen, but I gave him one at room temperature and he seems to be a fan. He loves anything he can chew/crunch on:

Today I signed up for my first blogging event!

I’ve read all about these meet-ups in the blogging world, but have never had the chance to attend one! I don’t really consider myself a blogger, just someone who loves to blog (same thing with running, I wouldn’t call myself a runner but I love to run). I am fascinated by the world of blogging and would love to meet some local, like-minded people with common interests and hopefully learn a few things to help improve this blog.

Maybe I’ll even meet a few new friends, because there aren’t always so many great opportunities to do that in the city. If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, I recommend the post How to Pick Up Women by Rachel at of my personal favorite blogs.


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  1. By the way, now that you’ve met Rachel (Kata’s ex-stretch instructor) you should do some blogging events with her. She is involved in some bloggers groups and I’ve gone to a cool event with her and some other food bloggers before. She really knows how to get invited to free things!!

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