Literally ‘Running’ Errands

I’m sure you you’ve heard the term ‘running errands’, but do you do it? I’m sure you run errands, but do you RUN them as well?

According to Urban Dictionary, running errands is:

A trip to get or do something, especially for something you don’t really like to do or have to do for someone else. It’s not like shopping!

I like to take the phrase literally and actually run to do errands. I’m lucky enough to live in a place that is beautiful, safe and nice to run in. Being in a city, I’m also in close enough proximity to be able to realistically run most places, if you live in the suburbs (with 2.5 kids and minivan) it might not be as convenient for you.

Take today for example: Ross and I bundled in our cold winter gear, and running backpacks (essential when your errands include buying something you have to run with) and headed to PetCo in Cambridge, where we bought our spoiled adorable puppy some fun things, including booties. He has sensitive feet, and I want to be real careful about the salt on the city sidewalks this winter. So far, he’s not a fan:

You’ll thank us later Mango, I’m sure

After PetCo, we ran over the river to Wholefoods, where we got all our chilli supplies. I guess there’s a little football game on in Boston tonight? Lol.

We had to walk the mile home after Wholefoods with our groceries, but we logged a little over 3 miles running to and from PetCo before that… we got our errands in AND a workout at the same time. My kind of multitasking šŸ™‚

I look forward to spending the next few hours on the couch with my guys watching football and eating chili!

Ross adding the secret ingredient…shhhh šŸ™‚


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