Nice and easy Sunday… it is Sunday, right?

Is anyone else confused about what day it is this weekend? I think it was the big (and totally awesome) Patriots game last night (Saturday) that threw me off, and had me thinking today was Monday. Not only is today NOT Monday, it’s almost like Saturday because Monday is a holiday! Confusing, right?

Ross and I had a great time watching the game, Mango was less impressed. Instead of watching, he insisted on chewing the loudest squeaky toys he could find the entire game. I guess after growing up in Costa Rica, he’s still not a big fan of Football Americano:

Ross and I went out after the game (way past our bedtime!) to see a friend who was in town visiting for the night. We went to a fun place called Minibar, which was small but not too crowded at midnight on a Saturday. I brought my camera but was too tired to to remember to take pictures 😦 Luckily I can steal them from Facebook:

Hi Cait! (love this girl, AND cupcakes). Safe travels back to TX, Hopefully see you soon!

Since we were up so late, we slept in all morning. Mango never wanted to get out of bed:

Can you blame him? It was only about 9 degrees outside this morning!

Time to do some cleaning/organizing in the apartment and taking advantage of the long weekend! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow 🙂

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr


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