Showers Are Overrated.

At least this is what I was telling myself today. Last night, Ross and I realized there was no water in our apartment. It was real late, right before bed, so we just sent the landlord an email, brushed our teeth (with the help of water bottles) and fell asleep hoping the water would be back on in the morning. It wasn’t.

I had plans to meet a friend for a run around the Charles this morning, so I set out without using any water (no water means no toilet, btw). I wasn’t very happy:

Luckily we had planned to meet at a gym, so I had a chance to buy a water bottle and, ah, use the facilities before heading out on our run. We did a beautiful 4 miles, caught up on the past year and didn’t even notice the cold weather.

I should have thought ahead and brought clothes to shower and change at the gym, a place that actually had water, but I didn’t. Ross met us for brunch, and everyone pretended to ignore the fact that I hadn’t changed/showered/brushed my hair in the past 24 hours. But then again, they’re all guys, so they might just really not have noticed 🙂


We’ve been working at/working out/working it at the CAC for the past 10 years or so. Funny, does this guy even look like he works out?? STUD 😉

After a fun day catching up with friends, and continuing the weekend theme of eating and drinking way too much (who says the holidays make you gain weight? I think it’s the NFL playoffs) I came home hoping to shower. The water was on, but there was nothing hot about it.

We had to walk Mango and go out to get a few things before it got too late, so instead of braving the cold shower, I put it off a little longer and went right out dog walking/shopping. After a few more hours we returned back home, and I decided that I must have done something really bad in a past life to deserve all these cold showers in this one, but if I learned anything in Costa Rica, it’s that a cold shower is almost better than no shower at all.

As I was standing there turning the water on pondering what the aforementioned offense could have been, something wonderful happened: the hot water turned on!

Maybe this was just the Universe’s way of reminding me not to forget to appreciate the small things, life’s little everyday luxuries: Hot showers, catching up with old friends, buying new shoes, chocolate peppermint ice cream…


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