Let it Snow! Yeah, I said it.

I know, a lot of people complain about the snow. It’s inconvenient, cold and makes for terrible commutes. It’s Saturday though, I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t have a car in the city AND I missed all the crazy snow last year so I’m going to totally enjoy this gorgeous white stuff that I woke up to!

Last night my friend Kristina flew in to Boston and spent the night with us! She lives all the way in LA, so it’s always a special treat when she visits. We went out to City Bar last night, it was small and there was a really loud DJ (terrible combination) but the drinks and service were wonderful!

She took the early train to Gloucester this morning. I was sad our visit was so short, but we got to have a fun walk in the snow before she left.

All this snow does put a damper on my outdoor running, but gives me a great excuse to start at free week trial at the Beacon Hill Athletic Club right down the street. They are offering a free week trial for the month of January, and while running on a treadmill doesn’t sound super exciting to me, the steam room option does!

I’ll try to get there this afternoon, but right now Ross is making an amazing smelling turkey breakfast burrito (he found this recipe from the Biggest Loser that he really wanted to try) and I’m snuggling on the couch with my puppy, watching the snow fall on Hanover St, drinking coffee and thinking how nice it is to finally be *home*


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