The Great Escape

Last night my sister Alaina and I made a little escape of our own to the aptly named restaurant Great Escape in Salem.

Sometimes it’s hard to step away from work, household chores, exercise routines and family duties and just take some time for yourself, but going out with friends (or in this case, sibling friends) is a great way to relax and recharge!

The restaurant is in an old jail and they are working that theme in a really fun way, similar to the Liberty Hotel downtown Boston.

The service was fantastic, as was the food. We split the bruschetta for an appetizer, and I ordered the steak tips for my main course. We only ate half our dinners, we had to leave room for dessert of course! Alaina had told me she loved the canoli there and that it might be better than any she’s had in the North End. Being a North End resident and a lover of North End canolis and food challenges in general, I couldn’t just believe this to be true and had to try it for myself. I have to report that she just *might* be right.

#shesright #Imscaredofthemafia ;/


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