No Football? No Problem!

I’ve been loving this football season, I’m so proud of my Patriots and can’t wait for the big SUPERBOWL championship one week from today. That being said, I’m happy to have a break from football today. I was a little stressed by last weeks game, which caused my blood pressure and anxiety to skyrocket. Was that just me?

I’m a Boston sports fan, but admittedly, not a very good one. I get involved during the big championships, I want to marry Tom Brady and I buy $15 dollar Bud Lights at Fenway Park, but other than that I’m pretty ignorant. For example:

I was walking down the street in the North End Waterfront with my sister’s fiance recently. He said ‘hi’ to some guy walking by pushing a baby carriage, and then announced to me excitedly “that was Chára, I knew a few of the players lived in this area”. I turned back to look at said player, and not wanting to show him what an uninformed, bad sports fan that I am, I replied confidently “Oh yeah, Chára, you can tell those Celtics players anywhere, they are soooo tall” to which he responded “Chára plays for the Bruins”. Ooops. What is a 6’9″ guy doing playing hockey anyway?

After sitting though 2 games, roughly 8 straight hours and 4 bowls of chili last Sunday, I am ready for a change. I’m going to walk the pup, make a fun breakfast and a food plan for the week that does not include a drop of chili. I’m going to go to the gym and workout myself, instead of sitting on my butt consuming tons of food while watching a bunch of other people run around burning calories.

Lastly, I’m going to watch Desperate Housewives. Yes, that show is still on and it’s the last season! Do you have any favorite old cheesy tv shows you just can’t let go of, even if it means spending $150 dollars on the entire Gilmore Girls collection. Again, was that just me?


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