One in a million

Today’s run was one in a million. It was one of those runs that inspires you to keep running consistently even though you hate it it’s challenging both physically and mentally 85% of the time.

I set out in the mid-afternoon sunshine without an exact plan in mind. I ran around the river, and just kept going, enjoying the weather and my stride. I didn’t really glance at my Garmin until I was almost finished, and I was surprised to see I had gone 7 miles. I felt like I could have kept going forever, but do to the fact I have a life and obligations (including a sick puppy at home) I made myself stop, get off my runner’s high and come back down to Earth.

Although most of my runs aren’t this easy and enjoyable, this run made me remember why I put in all that hard work and effort. If you are new to running, or coming off of a rough spell, just keep moving! Need more motivation? Try signing up for a road race. I’m all signed up for the Twin Lights Half Marathon on the North Shore this May. That leaves plenty of time to train!

After some sleepy-time tea and several homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (one for each mile?) I’m ready for bed. Here’s to hoping the puppy has a healthier night.


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