Rough Night

It was a rough night for everyone in our house last night, but I think Mango suffered the most. Our poor little pooch was up with an upset tummy ALL night long, which means none of us got a lot of sleep.

We went to bed around 11pm per usual, but around 1am Mango started crying. Sometimes he cries at night because he is thirsty or wants a toy, but this was not the case last night. Ross finally got up to take him out, but it was too little too late. Mango had already relieved himself in the hallway. We were angry (and tired) and just thought it was one accident, but just 2 hours later it happened again, and again and again. Ross gave him a bath at 1:30 in the morning (complete with a blowout) I got up and took him out every hour or so after that, but when I fell asleep on the couch around 6am I woke up 30 minutes later to find Mango relieving himself in the bathroom. I could hardly be mad, I mean he was obviously sick and in his defense, he did go into the bathroom.

Around 7am Mango and I went out for a walk by the waterfront, it was snowing a bit, the sun was bright coming up over the ocean and it was really beautiful. I realized that even though having a dog is a huge responsibility, and on nights like last night it seems like a ton of work, it is so rewarding. He is a great friend, a perfect exercise buddy and such a little love bug!

Maybe we can invest in some doggie diapers?

He seems to be feeling better now, I’ll keep him on the supermodel diet (only water and ice cubes) for the rest of the morning and try feeding him some bland rice/chicken mixture later this afternoon. I’m assuming it’s something he ate, since he eats EVERYTHING. Feel better little Mango!

I was tired this morning, but still wanting to make the best of this Monday. So when life gives you lemons, make cinnamon french toast (with fresh cinnamon bread from Bovas) with maple syrup and bananas:

2 Eggs
2/3 Cup Milk
Dash of Vanilla Extract
Pinch of Salt
6 thick pieces of bread

Whisk 4 first ingredients in large bowl, coat bread slices with mixture and place on preheated/buttered pan. Flip a few times until both sides are toasty brown.

I’m going for a run to enjoy some more of this sunshine.


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