Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Maybe Dora the Explorer is on to something: She speaks more Spanish than I do, and she goes on a new exploration everyday.

I’m a little like Dora when I travel (minus the monkey)

I want to be experiencing something exciting, and learning something new everyday. Nature, adventure, art, literature, intellectual conversation, etc. I’m not always so good about putting in this effort when I’m home, getting sucked into the daily grind and prime-time TV.

Yesterday I went out with a friend visiting from Sweden, and thankfully was motivated by her to explore and learn right here at home. There are SO many wonderful things to do in Boston on a daily basis that I never take advantage of, but I AM going to start. Just because I’m not traveling right now, doesn’t mean I need to stop exploring!

We went on a tour of the Boston Athenaeum, which offers free tours to the public at 3pm Tuesday and Thursday. Right on top of Beacon Hill, it has some of the best views of the city I have ever seen from the top floor (which is the 5th but it’s actually the 10th… you’ll have to let them explain. Another interesting fact, they didn’t have a street number assigned to the building for many years, so when the Postal Office came to them and demanded they have an official address,numbers 10 and 12 were taken. Because of this, you can find the Boston Athenaeum at 10 1/2 Beacon St.) It is an amazing library full of books, history, (ghosts!) and there is also public lectures, art and a roof deck that might just be the most perfect mid-summer tanning spot in the whole city.

After the hour long tour, we were both starving so we walking over to the 21st Amendment for a snack. They have some of my favorite pub food in downtown Boston, and I love the fireplace. Get the sweet potato fries, you won’t be disappointed.

Tonight my friend is attending a free panel discussion about human rights at the Boston Public Library:

Unfortunately, I can’t make that but I do plan on going to a free concert of the NEC at Jordan Hall

Notice the keyword in both these events is FREE. Yes, exploring does not mean spending a ton of money, there are always free, or affordable options you just have to look for them.

I’m not traveling right now, but I’m still learning about the world around me right here at home.


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