Finger Paints and Fried Clams

My weekend started early Friday morning when I hopped on a train home to Rockport, MA. I got to babysit my adorable niece Halle. We spent the day kissing, coloring and eating gingerbread. As if that wasn’t fun enough, when my sister got home from work we went to Island Art and Hobby, bought some paints and did some finger painting!

At first Halle seemed a little worried as to why the crazy grown-ups were sticking her hands and feet in gooey paint, but she was loving it by the end.

Halle’s Masterpiece.

All this finger painting inspired Alaina and I, and after bathing a paint-covered Halle, putting her to bed, and having a few glass of wine we decided to stay up all night and paint.

Alaina’s whimsical tree (notice the high-chair easel)

My African Elephants

Mom’s Mudroom turned art gallery.

After being up to 2am painting, this crazy person got up at 7:30am and ran 6 miles. I can’t resist running in Rockport, it’s one of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever been. It makes me want to give up city life and move home and paint and run next to the ocean every morning.

Later that afternoon I took my boys (Ross and Mango) to the beach for lunch and playtime. I was starving after my run and couldn’t resist ordering the fried clams and clam chowder (along with a healthy salad of course). I do not do a lot of fried food and cream, but if there is any time to splurge on that it is on New England seafood.

Not the easiest thing to eat on the beach, but delicious nonetheless.

My lunch dates

I’ll include a few more fun beach pictures, if for no other reason than I want to post the pictures while I have them. Shortly after these were uploaded, my 4 year old camera decided to stop turning off and tell me the lens is broken. Off to the camera shop tomorrow…



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