Beers and Tears

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I’m not quite sure what happened to the big snowstorm we were expecting, but since my weekend snowman-making plans were out, we had to go for plan B this Saturday, which included going to see the movie ‘The Vow’.

I’ll admit it, I love a good sappy love story once in awhile, I own the movie ‘The Notebook’ and I have girl-crush on Rachel McAdams (and Channing Tatum isn’t too bad to look at either….)

You’re welcome.

My thoughts on the movie? It didn’t disappoint. It was a little cheesy in parts (which is to be expected), and I felt like the plot was a little dragged out at times, but it was also incredibly romantic, and a great story (based on true events). I’m sure the reviews will be mixed, and movies that come out with so much hype tend to get hit the hardest by critics but overall I would say it was well worth seeing and definitely a great way to get in the Valentines Day spirit.

I have had mixed feelings about Valentines Day before, and while I hate the commercialism of it, I can’t blame that on the holiday itself (if I did, there would be no holidays I wouldn’t hate). I like the idea of a day that’s all about telling and showing the people you love how much they mean to you (whether is be a significant other, a best friend, or a pet). Sure, you can buy fancy presents and flowers and chocolates, but just taking a moment to share some festive cupcakes and a few glasses of wine, or making a homemade Valentines day card does the trick just as well.

That being said, my Valentine to-be was not as excited about seeing ‘The Vow’ as I was. We found a great compromise at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square though. You see, at this theater, they have a bar at the concession stand and they sell BEER! (and wine) So I offered to buy my sweetheart beer if he would come see the movie with me = Everybody wins!

The theater is very cool and while it’s not as big and fancy as the gargantuan Loews downtown, it’s also less crowded and a lot less expensive (tickets are only $7, $5 for matinees. It’s also only $5 for beer, I think Loews sells water for more than that these days). There is also an old-timey feel in the theater, with red curtains and fireplaces, that I really like. So Ross drank his beer while I enjoyed crying over a sappy love story and a glass of red. Yes, that is in fact my idea of a good time 🙂

After a long walk and dog park session with Mango, we are off to finish up this weekend with a little shopping downtown.

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? Love it? Hate it? Couldn’t really care less?


3 responses

  1. what a perfect way to describe valentines day… “I like the idea of a day that’s all about telling and showing the people you love how much they mean to you (whether is be a significant other, a best friend, or a pet).” I am a die-hard romantic as opposed to my boy who thinks its a hallmark holiday, when in fact there is some serious love-dovey history. jealous you got yours to go see that movie with you. Mine says is a young version of the notebook where he has to remind her of their love.. with half the cast to boot!

  2. Oh, sounds fun! I must try the Somerville Theatre, such a great date night! And Valentine’s Day.. used to loathe it, now I love it. But I’m more about the little things, like handwritten love letters & gifts that come from the heart ❤ Love ya Meg!

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