Playing catch up

It has been such a busy week! Things are starting to really pick up at my new job, which is great because I am so busy all day, learning so many new things and the time really flies by! I promised myself I myself I wouldn’t stop writing on here, and I’d like set an example of how it is possible to keep a full-time job, be healthy and creative, have fun and still have time to write about it all, but I haven’t been doing a great job at that (the writing about it part) so far.

So here goes: Tuesday: I worked, ran a 5K on the treadmill during my lunch break at work, then went to Symphony Hall after work. They played Ravel, Stravinsky and Shostakovich, it was beautiful. Do you know the BSO offers $20 dollar tickets for patrons under 40 years old?!? This is a great affordable experience to see one of the most renowned Orchestras in the world. Check out the 20 under 40 information HERE and then go get yourself some culture!

Wednesday: Work, Work work and then a little play! I went to the Top of the Hub with my Swedish friend to show her how beautiful this city really is! We initially had plans to go to the BU Observatory, but they were closed due to cloudy weather, so we thought if we couldn’t look up at the stars, we’d look down from them (or at least look down a little closer to them, from the 52nd floor) 🙂 The food here is pricy, but the drinks costs the same as at any ol’ bar, and some nights there are free jazz! Oh and the view isn’t too shabby:

Thursday: Work, gym at lunch for some weight lifting, then home to spend some qt with Mango and enjoy a hot date with Ben & Jerry’s (Imagine Whirled Peace, so good!).

Friday: Work, 10pm show at Sculler’s jazz club to see Grace Kelly. She is an incredible 19 year old sax player and vocalist. I loved everything about the show, Grace and her band were great, and her new song ‘Ready, set, stay’ might be my new favorite. As soon as I can find it on CD/Online I’m sharing this song.

Today (Saturday): Dog park with the boys in the morning, 5 Mile run, Wholefoods, yoga class at North End Yoga and now: getting ready for a date night in Harvard Square with Ross! We are going to dinner somewhere TBD (I’m hoping for some spicy Indian though) and then going to see yet another show! We have tickets to see Dwight & Nicole at the Regattabar. I’ve loved these two since my Cambridge days when I would go see them once a week at Atwoods Tavern. They have since moved to NYC and become famous, but I’m happy we’ll get a chance to see them again tonight!

I hope you have an exciting Saturday night, whether you have a big night out on the town planned, or watching a movie from your couch (if it’s the latter, I would strongly recommend inviting Ben and Jerry to join you).


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