We bought a CAR!!!!

We did it. We’ve been thinking and talking about it for awhile, and today we finally bit the bullet. It only took pretty much all day, and caused me quite a bit of stress. The 5 cups of free super sugary French Vanilla Cappuccinos probably didn’t help with my nerves, and neither did the lack of food.

My Mom (who was amazing for being so patient with us all day) and Ross and I actually had to leave in the middle of signing papers to go scarf down some Burger King. It had been hours since any of us had eaten anything, and we had all worked out in the morning. I got a BK cheeseburger kids meal with french fries and a root beer. It immediately killed my stomach, and has now left me with that awesome bloated/fat/hungry feeling that only fast food can do. I never hardly ever eat fast food, but I think it was created for days like this, and certainly served it’s purpose at the time.

We looked at several different kinds of cars, and test drove a bunch, but we both went in already in love with one car in particular and that’s what we left with (note: This is the same year/make/model and color, but I didn’t take this photo and it is not the actual car. We will pick up the car early this week, and then I’ll have some great photos of it with Mango modeling, because lets face it, it’s really his car after all)….

2007 Honda CR-V EX-L.

I am going to go watch some of the Oscars eat some vegetables and hopefully get some sleep and dream about not having to take the train to work everyday. It’s crazy to think that just last year I was watching the Oscars from my hospital room in San Jose. Needless to say, I’m very happy to be here right now 🙂


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